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Existing Problems

It's hard to respond to development issues.

We need a developer because of Pixel Installation by Media, Manage feed data etc.

It's hard to manage advertising.

There are too many things to do for Data-Driven advertising. such as, Product data feed processing Creating and managing creative.

Advertising doesn't work well.

We expect more effective advertising through agencies. But, agencies also operate manually. It is not very effective.

Through Taggers, Save Time, Cost, and Performance.

From install pixel to optimize performance, One and only platform for advertising! Leave it up to Taggers. You can focus on the main job.

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Core Features

Accuracy of data with advanced pixel installations

By user Funnel event Improve data quality with accurate, rapid pixel installation. Through the product data crawling, detailed data can be collected and analyzed by product.

Maximum Performance Marketing Channel

It supports the most media. Broad advertising generation is possible.

Provides various data analysis points

Data analysis specific to commerce is possible and Provides integrated analytics. Such as, Data by Product, advertising creative, and Multi-touch contribution analysis. etc.

Instantaneously reflect advertising optimization points

Analyze and optimize on one platform at the same time. It provides optimization points such as landing page, creative optimization tool, etc.

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