Exclusive Features of Taggers

픽셀 설치 도구


GA Basic Installation

We have built-in Google Analytics (GA) for integrated data analytics.

Auto-installing tags

Supports automatic pixel installation and developer inspection.
Google, Facebook/Instagram, Criteo, Twitter, Kakao, Npay

Tag Integration Management

Provides an integrated tool to manage the pixels installed at the site.

Free Technical Support

Doesn't the pixel work? We provide free technical support.

소재 최적화 도구


Automatic create creative

Automatically crawling and manages the information required for advertising from product detail.

Product feed automation

Quickly identify and reflect the information you need for advertising from website.

Simple creative editing

It provides a creative administrative tools for advertising products, creative can be replaced easily and quickly.

Product attribute tag

Automatically tagging sales product properties. Creative performance analysis based on product data is possible.

광고 자동화 도구


Easy advertising setting

Automate the creation of complex dynamic ads for each media. Simplify with just the steps required for commerce.

Unified advertising setting

Exposure Product Management, edit ad creative, generate ad are easily processed on one platform.

Support for various media

Google GDN Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook catalog advertising, Creteo, Kakao, and Twitter.

Sophisticated targeting

Enable sophisticated customer targeting based on product data and user behavior data.

통합 분석 도구


Visualize reports

Enable integrated data analytics through data analysis report for all media

Unified Dashboard

Integrated analysis of campaign data and GA data. Multi-dimensional data can be viewed on a single screen.

Creative Optimization

Advertiser can be reflected optimized advertising creative by product in the ad through A/B test.

Ad Optimization

Do advertising performance analysis through Multi-touch attribution of all media.